May 232011

. . . about the slow physical disintegration of American cities and the grand exodus to the suburbs following World War II.   Cities shape our identity, our culture and civilization.   Our museums, city halls, post offices, department stores, architecturally- designed office buildings are among our best creative resources.

Cities are back!   It is predicted that by 2050, three-quarters of the world’s population will live in cities.   There has always been a tension between cities, as a source of creativity and wealth and the calming, restorative and sustaining essential support of resources required for human existence.   Looking forward, high-rise, affordable apartments, and  smaller living spaces using less energy will be the future, as people want to walk more,  drive less,  move away from shopping malls and return to urban areas.

Several of my paintings are meant to show unexpected destruction of urban and rural areas by natural disasters:  tsunamis, floods, earth quakes, volcanic eruption or global warming, I am painting these abstractions of cities and rural areas to raise awareness, to tap into our creative resources and to re-energize our creative spirits.

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