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PortrairBorn and raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania, I studied (as a teenager) at The Baum Art School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Much later, I graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, with a degree in community service education. In between, I studied oil painting at Rhode Island School of Design for two years and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Wavre, Belgium in their adult education programs. After raising a family and working, I returned to art by taking workshops at the Fingerlakes Art Workshop with visiting artists from the Art Students League in New York City, (and other venues) who traveled to Ithaca for summer classes.

My recent work has been evolving to the abstract. My show, EMERGENCE, at the State of the Art Gallery (Ithaca, NY) during August 2011, explores the tensions posed by natural phenomena and modern technology. Can we escape this cycle?

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  1. Mary,
    So thrilled for you. What a talent you have! Keep it going, never let it lie fallow.
    I wish we were near to you to see you exhibit.
    All the Best.

  2. Mary Pat,
    Does anyone still call you by that name.Kathy just told me of your talent I am really blown away by your talent.What a gift to share.Your new abstracts are beautiful.the colors show so well.I’m sending your site to my children.
    best, Sylvianne

  3. Thank you, Regina, for your encouragement. I’m really beginning to hit my stride, thanks to the palette knife. It is a liberating way to get into the painting. All good wishes,


  4. you are amazing Dana! Thank you so much! And enjoy your hot days at the pool! We have had such a cold and rainy smmuer here You can send some of that hot weather to Germany please

  5. Ryan,These photos are buuatifel and so real. You’ve captured their eyes in a way that almost tells their stories. It makes me want to get out there and help them and love them. What an incredible experience you must’ve had. Thank you for sharing. I am really looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Thanks Melinda It should be noted that with all my celnits the song selection is picked out by them. I could have done a mix of this to a slow tune, and I thought about it half way through, but the song grows on you and this party was far more exciting than your typical Jack Johnson group. But thanks for watching.- R

  7. THX that’s a great answer!

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