The Shore


The shore is a place of beauty, retreat, and spiritual renewal.

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  1. Wow Mary,

    I have been pouring over your pictures on your beautiful website and find them to be so lively, beautiful, thought provoking, so varied in subject, and very expressive and interesting. I am not going to make it to your opening, but I plan to see the paintings “in the flesh” at some point.

    Annie Campbell

  2. I’ve been drawing for years now, and I take a liknig to Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga). Japanese culture just influences me! I’m not really into the fine arts (abstract, etc) but more of hands-on type (pen/inking, technological, drafting/storyboarding, etc) Which course would be perfect for me? So far I have only found Illustrator, Graphic Designer. I really am interested in animation and cartooning, but I don’t know what course these are under. What would be my best fit?

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