Previous Work


    The pages below have paintings from the past, work from which I now feel distanced.

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    2. An abstraction is teanhicclly a real object that has been distorted visually to the point of no longer accurately representing the thing that it once was.So any art that does this is teanhicclly an abstraction (and can include emotive subjects like light, love, etc.)A failed abstraction is in reality something that is non-objective, wherein any old crap is thrown on a canvas in an attempt to make something that resembles what people think of as modern art. Generally this sort of thing ends really badly.

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    4. We’ve arrived at the end of the line and I have what I need!

    5. I love the look of clear, bright colors. I’m using fewer and fewer CW repros. I also love the range of solids available. I like the idea of BOWs, but I think they are greatly overpriced.Thanks for the giveaway.

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